Help to Buy Mortgage Advice

Help to Buy Mortgages

Saving for a large deposit can be a long and tiresome journey, and sometimes, may even seem impossible.

Thanks to the government's Help to Buy scheme however, you can now buy a home with as little as a 5% deposit and have lower mortgage repayments than you would with a standard mortgage arrangement.

Available throughout the UK, the scheme allows you to take out an equity loan of 15% of the property value from the government. This, combined with your 5% deposit, means that you'll only need an 80% mortgage on your home.

There are slight differences in how the scheme works in Scotland and England, and a couple of variants of the scheme as well, and your mortgage advisor will be more than happy to go over the finer points of these to make sure you're comfortable with your options.

When it comes to the Help to Buy scheme, we'll not only guarantee that you get the very best mortgage deal available to you, but we'll walk you through the entire application, deal with the paperwork, and liaise with lenders, builders, and solicitors on your behalf – all at zero cost to you.